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Women's sustainable watches

What is a woman without a watch? A woman that continuously has to ask others for the time. Or a woman that continuously has to take her phone out of her pocket thereby distracting herself from the beauty in the world. A watch comes in handy, even these days when we are all so super well connected to the time with our mobile devices. And the sustainable watch brings something else that a phone cannot, style. Wear a watch and the outfit becomes a whole lot more interesting. Wear a watch to the office and you look a whole lot more professional or wear a sustainable clock to a dinner party and you will look a whole lot more stunning! Maybe combine that watch with a sustainable dress, jewellery and shoes to completely do it right!

Best watches for men

The simple answer to this question is of course a sustainable watch. The less simple answer is that everyone has their very own style and wishes. Here on PLATFRM we showcase sustainable watches in very different styles and forms, but we do make sure that all of them are at least sustainable. We check this by lining them up along our 8 PLATFRM principles, guidelines for both us and you to what an ideal sustainable watch brand should look like. Here on PLATFRM we for example sell a wide variety of wooden watches. And not just wooden watches, no sustainable wooden watches because all the wood used for the watch is FSC-certified meaning that it comes from responsible forestry. And there is also 1 tree planted for each sustainable wooden watch ordered so a purchase will only add more wood to the world!

Sustainable watch brands on PLATFRM

Let’s talk about those brands on PLATFRM that produce sustainable watches for women. Let’s talk about HOT&TOT, this Alkmaar-based brand produces beautiful wooden watches that easily conquer time. We mean, their watches can easily tell you the time for many years to come, the only thing that might happen is that you have to replace the battery. Honestly, HOT&TOT’s wooden watches are said to outlast a tree! And there is more, for each purchase they also actually plant one tree! Both the wooden watch and the packaging are made out of FSC-certified wood meaning that each watch sale will actually benefit to the reforestation of the planet!