Kue Lapis


T-shirt made out of 100% organic cotton. Kue lapis or Kwee lapis is a sweet treat made from a steamed rice flour batter. The name ‘kue’ originates from the Chinese language, where it means cake or cake. ADUH in Kue Lapis design printed on the chest


Size: Fits true to size. Medium fit, crew neck.

Delivery: ADUH items are made-to-order which means that the shirt could take a couple of days to arrive.

Principles: 4/8 | Material, Local, Work and Upcoming. Find out more down below or on ADUH’s brand page. 


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


Black, White

Country shipped from

The Netherlands

PLATFRM Principles

Material, Local, Work, Upcoming


Casual, Unisex


T-shirts with a beautiful Indonesian twist

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