Brand in the Spotlight: Llocals

llocals sustainable brand on platfrm

Brands on PLATFRM have some similarities, but also many differences. All our brands come with a story, but these stories couldn’t be more different. All our brands do businesses sustainable, but their motivations and ways of doing so are extremely diverse. Therefore it is time to dive deeper into the specifics of the brand of this week: Llocals.

Llocals is a streetwear brand from Utrecht. The founder, Chiem, was so fed up by the lack of sustainable streetwear options that he decided to create his own option. Llocals wants to show that clothes can be awesome and good at the same time. And he is right, you don’t have to buy Obey to be cool and you also don’t have to knit your own clothes to be sustainable. 

During the day Chiem works as an engineer, inventing, designing and developing products. Something that can be clearly seen in his clothes, which have a very clean and artsy style. They can be worn to work, university or school but also to the club, bar or even on your first date (yes, we really said that). 

Llocals produces only two collections a year, made from the highest quality materials and made to last. To make it even more sustainable, all garments are 100% organic cotton (GOTS-certified) and the labels are made of recycled polyester. 

And then there is the name, Llocals, what could it possibly stand for? Well, Chiem tries to collaborate with as many local entrepreneurs as possible. For example, all shirts are printed at a local textile printer in Utrecht and all recycled labels are attached by a tailor in Amsterdam. 

More about this tailor, because this is a story on its own. The tailor, originally from Syria, fled his home county and rebuilt his life and business upon arrival in Amsterdam. Along with Llocals, there are a handful of brands supporting his business making him able to do what he loves doing most. 

Having said all this, we are very proud to have Llocals here on PLATFRM and are super excited for future plans of this ambitious Dutch streetwear brand! What do you think about the brand, their clothes or the way they produce their clothes? Let us know!