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ADD.U is a slow fashion brand founded by Hedwig Pijpker, a Groningen-based ambitious woman on a mission to change the world. This ambition is strongly motivated by a trip to Quito, Ecuador back in 2017. It was here that Hedwig saw with her own eyes what horrendous circumstances the people there have to live and work in. Children not older than 3-4 years that are put to work by their parents and human exploitation is no abnormality. 

And that is why ADD.U does it differently, the sustainable brand wants to convince as many people to buy better clothing. The items are all relatively basic, therefore being a good choice for almost everyone. And for almost an infinity, basics never miss a trend. Who doesn’t need a white or black t-shirt right? 

The difference with these basics is that they are produced in such a sustainable manner. ADD.U’s slow fashion is all produced in certified Fair Wear Foundation factories, a label that guarantees proper working conditions. Besides, all materials are carefully selected by Hedwig and GOTS-biological cotton. Well, you want to know more? Scroll all the way down and don’t get distracted by all the gorgeous sustainable slow fashion basics.

PLATFRM's principles: 5/8


ADD.U tries to be completely open about the products online, explaining which materials are used in each product and which certificates they hold.


ADD.U creates all their pieces exclusively from 100% GOTS-organic cotton. All the polyester used in the slow fashion (labels for example) is recycled.

Supply Chain

ADD.U hates plastic, simply because it ends up in places where it does not belong. For this reason they ship all their slow fashion in disposable carton bags or boxes. They also pack the items as well as possible to save space and thereby reduce the CO2 emission of the shipment.


ADD.U cares about people, good working conditions are therefore always the top priority for the slow fashion brand. To guarantee these conditions ADD.U decided to only do business with companies checked and certified by the Fair Wear Foundation, an internationally recognized certification.


ADD.U was started only some years back and is ready to make an ever-growing larger impact. They want to make slow fashion the never ending trend in the fashion industry.