T-shirts with a beautiful Indonesian twist

ADUH Sustainable Fashion PLATFRM
PLATFRM and ADUH sustainable t-shirts


ADUH is a sustainable streetwear brand with Indonesian roots, something which clearly comes forward in the designs and the story of the brand. The Indonesian culture is warm and open with family as the main pillar of pretty much everything that happens. ADUH wants to share these same values with everyone, connecting European customers with the Indonesian culture. 

And all that in a rather sustainable matter, of course! ADUH is a slow fashion label with sustainability at its core. ADUH’s honest fashion is made out of 100% GOTS-certified biological cotton and ultimately printed in The Hague with ecological ink. The printing only takes place after an item has been ordered to prevent overproduction. No environmental harm on ADUH’s watch, let that be clear. 

The production of ADUH takes place in factories approved by the Fair Wear Foundation, an organization performing regular audits to check whether the working conditions and salaries of the workers are fair and decent. Want to know more? See below the products! 

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PLATFRM's principles: 4/8


ADUH only uses 100% GOTS-certified biological cotton for the creation of their T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters.


ADUH does the printing of its shirts in The Hague, The Netherlands. And only when an order comes in, to prevent overproduction.


ADUH gets its clothes from a factory that is regularly audited by the Fair Wear Foundation for proper working conditions and salaries. 


ADUH is a brand that rather gains a little less if that means they can help the planet a little more. Only recently started, but definitely ready to change the world for the better