Beautiful prints designed by upcoming artists

Artistic sustainable streetwear
PLATFRM Sustainable brand Artistic


Artistic. is more than a brand, it is a breeding ground for upcoming artists. All of Artistic.’s collections are thought of by different artists, who get absolute freedom to fill in the back of the shirt as they want. The shirt is the canvas. 

Artistic. wants to give young artists a fair chance of success. Often it is hard to make a name for yourself, let alone to make money, as a starting artist and that is why Artistic. tries to give them a little push in the right direction through these collaborations. The artists just provide the design and Artistic. takes care of the rest. 

And this ‘rest’ is done in a rather sustainable way. Artistic. chooses to only use 100% organic cotton and PETA-approved material for the production of their sustainable t-shirts. They also found a clever way of circumventing the packaging-waste problem by creating a plastic-free box from the hand of the artist which can later be used for storage or simply as a nice decoration. Want to find out more? Click the icons! 

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PLATFRM's principles: 6/8


ADUH only uses 100% GOTS-certified biological cotton for the creation of their T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters.

Supply Chain

Artistic. chooses not to use any plastic in their packaging. The opposite, by shipping in a custommade box from the hand of the artist they want to encourage customers to later use this box for storage or as decoration.


Artistic. is about to start offering workshops to upcoming artist to give them some more perspective in this challenging industry


 Artistic. provides upcoming artists with their first income through art by giving them a fair share of the profit on each item from their hand


Artistic. is a brand intertwined with the creative industry and knows how difficult it can be to make a name or a living for an upcoming artist. That is why they have made it their goal to help these artists with their first step towards independence!


Artistic. was founded by three ambitious guys from Amsterdam in 2020 and is ready to conquer the continent together with PLATFRM