Atelier Jungles

Honest handmade slow fashion from The Netherlands

PLATFRM and Atelier Jungles slow fashion
PLATFRM and Atelier Jungles slow fashion

Atelier Jungles

Atelier Jungles, born and located in The Hague, The Netherlands, is a young and creative brand providing their customers with high quality & handmade sustainable fashion. Atelier Jungles is on a social mission to make this world a better place in all possible ways. 

Atelier Jungles looks after the environment by producing all garments locally from sustainable materials and they look after people by producing with locals in their own atelier where they provide the best possible circumstances to work. These tailors and seamstresses had trouble finding employment, but do now get the opportunity to work with the right amount of training and guidance from Atelier Jungles on the side. 

We always say this, but I would strongly encourage you to open up every icon because there is so much more behind Atelier Jungles which we couldn’t describe here. Carbon neutral shipping, material sourcing in Inner Mongolia and why they target customers that are not specifically sustainable minded. Just click the icons! 

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Atelier Jungles has their atelier open for every customer to walk in, shares information on all their partners and the breakdown of any item’s price.


Atelier Jungles tries not only to work with sustainable fibers (which they do), but also pays attention to accessoires, dyeing and origin. The knitwear comes from Inner Mongolia where they found the most perfect organic and traceable cashmere. The rest of the material is deadstock, which would otherwise be wasted.

Supply Chain

Atelier Jungles wraps their garments in recycled plastic and with waste based products made from cornstarch, encouraging the custom to compost the mailer as it is biodegradable. Besides, they offset the CO2 emitted during the shipment.


Atelier Jungles is as local as it gets, just go and have a look yourself in their atelier in The Hague where they produce all their garments.


Atelier Jungles employs people that had, for a variety of reasons, trouble finding employment. With guidance and training Atelier Jungles offers them jobs, allowing them to grow.


Atelier Jungles employs its workers itself and they pay fair wages and provide good conditions. They also sign an agreement with all their partners assuring them that all workers in their supply chain are treated properly!


Atelier Jungles targets people that are not specifically sustainably minded, simply because that is where the biggest progress can be made. And just open the other icons to see what else is behind this amazing brand.


Atelier Jungles was founded in 2020 with the goal to make an impact locally and sustainably.