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PLATFRM And Bhoomi collaboration for sustainable fashion


Bhoomi is a purpose driven business with a focus on artisan empowerment, collaborating with artists from all over India with their own artisan techniques to create amazing slow fashion pieces. Yes, using sustainable fabrics and materials is important but ethical manufacturing and empowering garment workers is equally so. 

So, that is why Bhoomi produces most of its pieces in a family-owned ethical unit run by two sisters in New Delhi, India. A place that Bhoomi’s founder – she is from India – has visited numerous times herself. Same with the knitwear and t-shirts production, which is done by women self-help groups in Pondicherry, India, and the scarf production, done by an NGO that empowers handicapped women. 

But, as said before, using sustainable materials is also of enormous importance to Bhoomi, sourcing all its fabrics – Organic Cotton, Linen, Bemberg certified Cupro, Tencel and Vegan Silk – from GOTS-certified factories. Besides, the pieces are timeless and in no way dictated by trend so they can be part of your wardrobe for years to come! 

It is Bhoomi’s goal to bring back the value of handmade by creating pieces that are unparallel to those that are mass manufactured. And we can only support that! Want to know more about Bhoomi and their way of achieving this goal? Click the icons!

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Bhoomi is transparent about the entire process, from the sourcing of the fabrics to their pricing structure. You can read a very honest and extensive explanation on their website or by clicking on the other icons!


Bhoomi only uses natural and organic materials, varying between GOTS-certified organic cotton, Tencel, Vegan Silk and a couple of others. The cotton is also handloom, meaning that it is handspun and woven on a handcrafted wooden loom needing no electricity or water!

Supply Chain

Bhoomi only uses 100% sustainable, home compostable and biodegradable packaging throughout the supply chain. They also offset the carbon footprint for all orders


Bhoomi works with many different local artisans and women empowered self-help groups who specialize in crafts that are indigenous to their regions.


Bhoomi pays comfortable above living wages throughout their entire supply chain. They ensure this themselves by regular visits and check of certifications.


Bhoomi is always questioning and fighting the status quo. Their main area of focus is women empowerment in India and South Asia and Bhoomi is constantly trying to create a more ethical fashion industry for garment workers (many of them being women).


Bhoomi is a relatively new brand that is already making a large impact, for example through their late collaboration program with artists from South Asia that can showcase their items on Bhoomi.