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Unisex clothing with colourful nostalgic designs

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Blurry Images

Blurry Images wants to create nostalgia, Blurry Images wants to take us back in the past. Remember those days surfing away until sunset, walking along Miami Beach while playing with your Zippo lighter, the coolest gadget of that time. Or the style, simple yet creative. 

Launching two capsules a year Blurry Images tries to take us back to all that. They are a streetwear label, experimenting with much more than just clothing. Skateboards, stickers and the earlier spoken about Zippo’s with Blurry Image branding are all part of those experiments. Stay relevant by creating nostalgia. 

Blurry Images is a Rotterdam based brand making conscious streetwear. Driven by the ambition to offer sustainable and affordable fashion pieces to a style- and environmentally-conscious consumer. Blurry Images encourages you to distinguish yourself. Check out their clothing down below or check out how they perform on each of the principles! Simply click the icons to find out more!

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PLATFRM's principles: 5/8


Blurry Images only uses materials that have the ability to sustain. The clothing is mainly made from certified cotton. Organic materials such as EcoVere are preferred over Viscose.

Supply Chain

Blurry Images ships its orders in biodegradable or recycled packaging. They replace plastic tape with recycled tape and separate our waste. Local orders are delivered by the skate team instead of shipping by courier. Small steps help.


Blurry Images’ vision is connecting Creatives Worldwide ‘. They do this, for example, by sponsoring local social concepts of upcoming artists and host a blog ‘Behind the Tee’ in which they shine light on various young creatives.


Blurry Images stands for good working conditions and good wages. 


Blurry Images creates nostalgia since the summer of 2020 and is here to last. With an eye on launching one timeless and contemporary capsule per year, they are taking a step towards the slow fashion world of the future.