Upcycled kimono's and skirts from vintage sarees

platfrm and devi sustainable kimonos
platfrm and devi sustainable kimonos


Devï was founded in 2018, right after its founder went to India for an internship at the ‘Saheli Women’-project. The purpose of this project, to financially empower women from rural areas through the creation of sustainable clothes, in combination with the colourful fabrics encouraged her to create Devï. The name comes from the local language, Sanskrit, meaning ‘goddess’.

Recently Devï has started collaborating with several more social enterprises and family businesses to provide them with a liveable income and fair working conditions. Even though the items are produced far away in India, Devï knows exactly who produces which upcycled kimono and in what way. In fact, when you purchase an upcycled kimono or skirt you will receive a small note from the women that produced it with your order! 

On top of all that, Devï has a zero-plastic and zero-waste policty and only produces items by upcycling or using deadstock. All their kimonos and skirts are made from upcycled vintage sarees, once worn by women in India. Want to know more? Click the icons! 

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Devï items will be back on PLATFRM soon, stay tuned! 

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Devï personally knows all their producers and proudly shows them and their stories on their website. Besides, they are completely open about their packaging and shipping methods. 


Devï only uses upcycled or deadstock materials for the production of their clothes. Next to that, 50% of the stones and pearls used in the necklaces are also upcycled

Supply Chain

Devï tries to keep their supply chain as short as possible, thereby being able to assure that absolutely no plastic is used or waste is created during the shipment. 


Devï personally knows all their producers and assures fair working conditions by paying a salary that enables the producers to lift themselves and their families out of povert


Devï produces their items in collaboration with the Saheli Women-project. This non-profit aims to financially empower women from a small Indian desert village. Alongside, Devï also supports educational and health programs in Bhikhamkro, India to help foster the rural community’s development


Devï has clear goals, namely to ensure fair working conditions in the fashion industry, to promote the beautiful handcrafts that exist around the world and to produce in an environmentally conscious way. 


Devï was founded in 2018 and with their new collection just freshly launched they have no plans of quiting yet.