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Trendy fanny packs and tote bags made from residues

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Dom Amsterdam

Dom Amsterdam is a young brand that stands for sustainable and ethical production processes. Dom is run by Zheng Ou and Diede Gardenier, two Amsterdammers that want to sell fashion with a story and a positive impact on the world. 

Dom Amsterdam’s sustainable fanny packs and tote bags are all Limited Editions made only with deadstock fabric, sourced in the Netherlands, that would otherwise go to waste. Most of the bags are actually made out of vintage curtains, but you can also provide your own piece of fabric and they will sew it into a trendy fanny pack or tote bag. 

Dom have set up their production in Amsterdam in partnership with Mohammed and Abdul – 2 skilled tailors who arrived in Amsterdam as refugees. Dom have helped them restart their atelier business in Amsterdam, after they left their business in Syria. Mohammed and Abdul use their combined 50 years of tailoring expertise to produce all of Dom’s bags, and if your bags need any repairs they’ll take care of that too. Want to know more? Click the icons!

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Dom Amsterdam is a fully transparent company, describing all processes into detail. From the materials they use to their preferred shipping method, they have nothing to hide!


Dom only uses residual materials for the production of their bags. This includes old clothing, curtains and cut-off residues from companies.

Supply Chain

Dom Amsterdams ships all their products in recycled envelopes. 


Dom Amsterdam produces all their bags in an Amsterdam based workshop. 


Dom Amsterdam produces all their bags in ‘Alaraj Atelier’, set up by Mohamad from Syria. Mohamad used to own a workshop in Syria and by producing Dom’s products, among others, he is able to do the same in The Netherlands. 


Dom’s mission is to show the world that sustainable fashion can be trendy and cool and to break the whole system of fast-fashion and fast consuming consumers. 


Dom Amsterdam was founded in 2018 and is here to stay!