Sneaker inspired t-shirts to match with any pair of classics

domfris and platfrm sustainable t-shirts
domfris and platfrm sustainable sneakershirts


Domfris is a come-together of a passion for footwear, creativity and eco-friendly businesses founded by two brothers. Domfris wants to be an example and, with time, make a positive change. They want to show that you can make dope clothing while looking after our so-beloved mother earth. 

Domfris chooses to only use GOTS-certified cotton for the production of their sustainable shirts which makes the production already so much less polluting. Besides, Domfris uses recycled paper to pack their items and avoids the use of plastic wherever else they can in their supply chain. I mean, the cards, labels and tape are all recycled! 

This might be unnecessary to mention, but their shirts are also just really good looking. By now I hope you have already sneaked down and checked them out, but we would definitely suggest zooming in on them tailored made items a little more! Just wonderful right? If you want to know more about Domfris then you can just click the icons!

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Domfris is open about their design and production processes while they also clearly state which products they use for production and transportation! Just open the other icons to find out!


Domfris’ products are made from GOTS certified cotton, which means the fabrics are 100% organic. In the near future Domfris also  aims to incorporate recycled cotton.e.

Supply Chain

Domfris only uses  packaging made out of recycled materials; the box is made out of recycled cardboard and also the cards, labels and tape are recycled. There is no plastic usage whatsoever.


Domfris produces in a factory in Portugal where all requirements are met to create a friendly work environment for those who work in the clothing companies.


Domfris was founded in December 2020. Domfris strives to become a well-known brand in the world of sustainable streetwear and fashion. To get to that point hard work is needed, but there’s a bright path ahead of  them!