e o u i e

Comfy longsleeves from deadstock organic cotton

eouie and platfrm sustainable longsleeve
eouie and platfrm sustainable longsleeve

e o u i e

e o u i e was founded in 2019 by E. Louise. Get it… The brand name is derived from the vowels of the founder’s name and is pronounced in Dutch as: ie-joe-wie. 

During a surf trip in Portugal she found some unique dead stock textiles which resulted in the first collection. From that moment the aim of e o u i e has been to design new items with already existing materials. This is also the reason why they are waiting to launch their already ready fourth chapter. First eouie wants to sell out its third chapter to assure that they don’t add to the enormous pile of deadstock fabrics. 

Because, we don’t necessarily need to produce new fabrics in order to make new fashion. Want to know more about eouie? Click the icons! 

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PLATFRM's principles: 5/8


eouie leaves no room for questions and is transparent about every step in their process. Information about the material, the production or the shipment method can easily be found.


eouie only uses high quality recycled organic cotton to produce their items.

Supply Chain

eouie demands from themselves and their suppliers to not use any plastic in their packaging. This because their are a plastic free brand.


eouie produces partly in a reputable factory in Portugal and partly locally in The Netherlands, guaranteeing proper wages and working conditions at both places.


eouie aims to help shrink the gigantic pile of deadstock before producting new sustainable fabrics.


eouie was founded in 2019 with the goal in mind to make the fashion industry a bit more sustainable. Almost two years later, they seem to be well on their way!