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HABERDASHERY is a brand that believes strongly in Africa’s unique cultural past, present and future. Both its founders, Flo and Liselotte, spent many years in Kenya and Malawi growing up and are passionate to spread the mighty wonders of the continent with people in Europe. 

HABERDASHERY can be seen as a platform on its own, showcasing products of a wide range of creative African minds on their website. This helps both the artists, earning some extra money, as well as the continent as a whole as it gets some well-deserved positive recognition. Every HABERDASHERY item comes with the background story of the maker to further strengthen this positive effect. 

All HABERDASHERY’s products are one-of-a-kind, handmade and directly supporting the maker. It was never this easy to lay your hands on a piece of African fashion! Want to find out more? Click the icons!

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PLATFRM's principles: 6/8


HABERDASHERY provides all their customers with some information about the person that produced their item(s) as well as the origin of the item


HABERDASHERY uses animal residues for the production of their leather. Besides, the beads are sustainably produces according to the Maasai-tradition.

Supply Chain

HABERDASHERY uses no plastic labels or tags with the shipment of their items. Besides, their Amsterdam orders are delivered by bike!


HABERDASHERY personally knows all their producers and assures fair working conditions by paying a salary that enables the producers to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.  


HABERDASHERY wants to bring the creativity that can be found all across Africa to the rest of the world, while assuring that the people in Africa actually benefit from this trade


HABERDASHERY originated in 2017 and with their new collection they are showing that they are not quite done yet.