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HOT&TOT is a Dutch brand, founded in 2014 on the outskirts of Amsterdam. HOT&TOT combines a love for nature with the growing demand for sustainable and stylish minimalistic products. Every watch is made by hand and attention is given to even the smallest detail so it will stay with you as long as the oldest tree from the Amazon. 

Anyway, talking about the Amazon, HOT&TOT sources all wood used to produce its watches from FSC-certified forests. This means that the wood is retrieved from sustainable and responsible forestry. Besides, for every sustainable watch HOT&TOT sells it plants a whole new tree. In other words, buying a wooden watch doesn’t hurt but heal the world’s forests. And the gift boxes and shipping boxes? All made from recycled material! 

What about the name, HOT&TOT? It’s actually a branded version of the surname of the founder, Joeri Hottentot. As a child he wished he had gotten a more average surname, because the kids would make fun of it. Well, jokes on them because it turned out to be a great, if not the best, for a sustainable wooden watch company. Do you want to know more? You can, just click the icons!

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HOT&TOT only uses FSC-certified wood for the creation of its sustainable watches. This wood comes from responsible and sustainable forestry and thereby heals rather than hurts the world’s forests.

Supply Chain

HOT&TOT never uses any plastic for the shipment, all the material they use with the shipment is recycled cardboard. The material in the package (to keep the watch from arriving damaged) is biologically degradable.


HOT&TOT plants one tree for each sale, which adds up to thousands of trees by now planted in the Philippines, Bolivia and Oregon.


HOT&TOT started from the founder’s student room in 2014, but with the move to an office in 2017 things got more serious.