Handmade bombers with happy African designs

KETURA and PLATFRM sustainable bombers
KETURA and PLATFRM sustainable bombers


KETURA is a streetwear label from Antwerp started by Jennique. The brand, that started off as a festival hit, is now trying to get their creative African-inspired prints worn by people in their daily lives. 

In the African clothing culture there is less order, and it is KETURA’s mission to bring this same carelessness and colourful happiness to the streets of Europe! All while producing locally, ethically and sustainably! 

The whole production is done by Jennique and her family members, from finding the right fabrics until sewing it together into beautiful sustainable bombers. Most involved is her husband, Said, who also helps design the unique bombers. Because of this unique family cooperation KETURA is easily able to assure an ethical and sustainable production. Want to find out more? Click on the icons!

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KETURA is completely transparent about every step in their business process, which is a bit easier for them than the average brand because they do everything themselves (sourcing, production and shipping)


KETURA’s items are all produced by hand in Amsterdam by the owner or one of her familymembers.

Supply Chain

KETURA transports all the fabrics by train from Antwerp, where they are purchased, to Amsterdam, where they are made into products. Then, when an order comes in, they are packaged in recycled plastic.


KETURA is a real family business, assuring that no one that contributes to the end product gets left out of a realistic salary. 


KETURA has a simple goal in mind, to bring some of Africa’s colourfulness and happiness to the streets of Europe.


KETURA started off only a few years ago, but with a store at Amsterdam Central Station is well on its way to stay for many mor