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kulson sustainable neaker brand


kūlson combines Scandinavian unisex design aesthetic with true hand craftsmanship, without any big logo’s or frills it is the perfect go to shoe for business-casual or party-hardy. Especially because at that party or business meeting you have a real good story to tell about the sustainable sneaker you are wearing. 

kūlson is a brand that cares deeply about the plastic pollution in our oceans, it is estimated that in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean and kūlson is determined to change this. Next to giving lectures at universities, educating their following on the website and socials they also actually donate 4% of each sale to organizations tackling the plastic problem like The Great Bubble Barrier, The Ocean Cleanup, Healthy Seas and more. 

Their own sustainable sneakers also contain no plastics, the sole (usually the plastic component in a shoe) is made out of recycled rubber and rice shells. And they are made to last, handcrafted in Portugal by the best artisans they are especially created to stay with you for a long time. No need to buy a new pair of sneakers every year or every season even, these sneakers that style up whatever outfit you are thinking of will be with you many of them. 

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kūlson fully disclosea the origin of all parts that are used for their shoes and where they are
being put together. Click the other icons to find out more!


kulson soles consists out of 70% recycled rubber and rice shells. The other 30% is virgin rubber, which has to be added as otherwise critical technical features could not be guaranteed. E.g. the sole would crumble otherwise or simply fall apart. 

Supply Chain

kūlson packaging is completely free of plastic and they use multi-use packaging whenever it is available. 


kūlson donates 4% of the sale of every shoe to globally operating organizations who remove plastic and abondoned fishing nets from the world’s oceans. 


kūlson’s shoes are all exclusively handcrafted in a reputable factory in Portugal under fair and secure working conditions. 


kūlson educates customers, followers and university students about plastic pollution and the issue of lost fishing nets in our oceans. They do this via social media, the website, package
leaflets in every sneaker box and lectures at universities.


kūlson was founded in Berlin in 2018 and is filled to the brim with ambition.