New Offsprings

Streetwear that does not follow the rules of the game

new offsprings sustainable shoes and shirts
new offsprings sustainable t-shirt brand

New Offsprings

New Offsprings wants to create a homebase for everyone who ever felt like they didn’t fit in. Through the creation of sustainable shoes in their own pace and style they want to show that you don’t have to follow the rules of the game to become succesful. Empower the outcast. 

But there is more, New Offsprings is also a reaction to the damaging fast fashion industry. They only create long lasting and timeless items and intend to create these items in the most sustainable matter. 

Their shirts are made of 100% GOTS-certified cotton and their second batch of shoes will consist of vegan leather made from apple waste. Besides, their products are handmade in a reputable factory in Portugal that the founders of New Offspring themselves visited and approved. Want to find out more? Click the icons!

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PLATFRM's principles: 4/8


New Offsprings only uses 100% GOTS-certified cotton for the production of their new line of t-shirts. Besides, their second batch of shoes will be made entirely from leather made out of apple residues. 

Supply Chain

New Offsprings does not ship any tags with their products, but prints all information on the poly bag instead. On top of that, they use poly bags made from biodegradable plastic. 


New Offsprings visited the factories in Portugal and saw it was legit. Every craftsman (the shoes are hand made) gets paid a decent wage and works in the factory because they want to and because the conditions are good.


New Offsprings dropped their first batch of shoes in 2018 and launches their first batch of t-shirts two years after. Their second batch of shoes is also on its way and hopefully coming in 2021.