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NUOO sustainable brand on platfrm
NUOO sustainable clothing brand on platfrm


NUOO is people, equality, society, being fair, having a conscience, building the future without destroying our history or the environment in which we live. Welcome to the crash course on how to summarize a brand in one sentence. Jokes aside, NUOO is a Barcelona-based slow fashion brand that deeply cares for people and the planet.

NUOO produces locally in collaboration with artisan workshops run by people that have a strong connection with the brand. Every person involved learns from each other and treats the others as he would like to be treated. Sounds logical, but is a very great first step towards a more fair and human society! 

NUOO only produces an item when it receives an order and chooses to only use biological fabrics and preferably even recycled pre- or post-consumer residues. Through optimizing its own production methods NUOO tries to minimize its own textile residues. We could talk for days more, but we believe you might also need some time to look at NUOO’s beautiful slow fashion! Want to read further? Click the icons!

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NUOO aims to be as open as possible about the materials used, the production and shipment method


NUOO only uses biological materials such as BCI cotton, tencel, recycled pre- & post-consumer cotton, viscose and cupro. They also choose to only produce on order to reduce the waste.


NUOO produces solely in collaboration with small workshops where working conditions are good, these same people could potentially be out of work if it wasn’t for NUOO.


NUOO produces all its garments in Spain in collaboration with local craftsmen, this both reduces carbon emissions while it increases the economic welfare of the region.


NUOO is a Spanish fashion brand run by Pilar Bermúdez, a fashion designer with values like sustainability, innovation and ethical work.