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OMMES gives every artist the opportunity to launch their own clothing collection, all they have to do is participate and win OMMES’ yearly design contest! Everyone is invited to send in designs and finally the crowd decides which artist will actually be invited to do a whole collection with OMMES. 

OMMES doesn’t only provide chances to upcoming artists, they also look after people with some kind of disability. All OMMES’ labelling is done in a sheltered workshop where these people can work in a safe and trusted environment!

So what else makes these hoodies, sweaters and t-shirts sustainable you wonder? The material pf course, 100% Organic cotton and ecofriendly. OMMES also produces locally in Belgium, uses no plastic in their packaging and ensures that all involved in the production process get a fair pay. Want to know more? Just click the icons!

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OMMES uses 100% organic cotton for the production of their clothes. Besides, extra care is applied to the garments to ensure high quality and durability.

Supply Chain

OMMES uses absolutely no plastic to pack their items for shipment, instead they use recycled cardboard packaging.


OMMES labeling is done in a sheltered workshop where people with disabilities can work under the right circumstances. Besides, they get all their materials from a factory working together with the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure decent working conditions. 


OMMES produces all their items locally in Belgium and also all screenprinting and embroidery is done close by in Antwerp.


OMMES just started in June 2020 but they will have to stay around to achieve their goal of making the world a bit more sustainable.