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Oui Oui sustainable brand on platfrm
OuiOui sustainable fashion brand on platfrm


Oui Oui is a minimal fashion brand founded by Fleur Hoogeveen in the summer of 2015. After a well-received first collection in and around Rotterdam, the follow up collection didn’t drop until 2021. And only because Joy Medina visited a pregnant Fleur Hoogeveen in 2020 with only one question in mind: Can we revive Oui Oui? The answer is down below, a whole new collection screaming out a double yes in French. 

And Oui Oui is more than just looking good, it is also all about being good for one another and the planet. Their sustainable t-shirts and sweaters are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. This specific kind of cotton requires much less water than conventional water and there are also no chemicals used in the process. 

Oui Oui’s sustainable sweaters and shirts are produced in a factory in Portugal collaborating with the Fair Wear Foundation, which ensures safe working conditions and fair salaries for all the employees involved. Let us summarize all this goodness for you, OuiOui creates good looking clothing while looking after both people and the planet. That is a triple yes for us! Want to find out more about Oui Oui? Click the icons!

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PLATFRM's principles: 5/8


Oui Oui gets their garments from stanley/stella, a supplier known for its transparency on all levels. Oui Oui tries to match this by disclosing any information customers might have!


Oui Oui only uses 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and, when necessary, recycled polyester for the creation of their items.

Supply Chain

Oui Oui orders are shipped in organic mailing bags. Based on starch, our bags are completely biodegradable.


Oui Oui’s items are produced in a factory that collaborates with the Fair Wear Foundation, ensuring fair working conditions and proper salaries for all people involved.


Oui Oui was originally founded in 2015, but only recently revived out of their 5-year break. They are planning on staying this time by the way, no more 5-year breaks!