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Sustainable platfrm with refuse clothing
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RE[F]USE is a brand with the mission to make people start living according to their own terms again. No need to conform to others, you are free to live your own life and chase your own dreams. You can hear much more about this in the one and only RE[F]USE the podcast. More tools, like a monthly training session with motivation speakers, will soon roll out so even more people that the step into the dark and go after their dreams. 

RE[F]USE also similarly cares about the independence and happiness of all involved in their production process, therefore getting all their materials from a Walt-Disney-certified factory (proving fair working conditions).

Next to all the above, they use organic cotton wherever possible for the production of their sustainable clothing. RE[F]USE also chooses to ship their items in packaging made from recycled plastic. Want to find out more? Click the icons!

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Supply Chain

RE[F]USE chooses to only use packaging, cards, stickers and other promotional material made from recycled plastic


RE[F]USE produces all their clothes in a Walt Disney certified factory. This labels assures that there is no child or involuntary labor, discrimination or harrassment. Besides it also guarantees that the factory follow the strictest guidelines concerning environmental protection.


RE[F]USE wants to teach people to follow their dreams instead of simply following societies path. They discuss this theme in their podcasts and will soon roll out more tools to help people achieve their dreams.


RE[F]USE was officially founded by Niels in 2019 and soon after sold its first items. It didn’t stop there and, from what I have heard, big things are coming up very soon!