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SÅR Apparel

SÅR Apparel is a Dutch fashion brand that focuses on creating sustainable streetwear. SÅR breaks with the existing norms in which clothing is either aesthetically good-looking but is damaging both humans and the environment, or it is sustainable but looks dull. SÅR Apparel offers premium quality streetwear with dope designs and maximum sustainability.

How? All items are made from 100% organic cotton and handmade in a local workplace in their hometown Groningen, The Netherlands. In addition, the prints contain ink with an eco-passport, there is no plastic used in the packaging and all deliveries are CO2 neutral.

SÅR Apparel also believes in being transparent about the origin of the products so we mention the fabric composition of our items and the country it originates from. SÅR Apparel believes in creating change by showing that fresh streetwear and maximum sustainability do go together. Together we change the norm. Wear with pride. If you want to know more you can, click the icons or scroll down!

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SÅR highly values transparency. They give detailed enclosure on the composition and production of the products. On the product page you can find the country of origin of the fabric, the fabric composition and why the fabric is sustainable (e.g., recycled cotton or 100% organic cotton with GOTS certification). This way customers know exactly what our items consist of and where the materials are from.


SÅR strives for maximum sustainability, only using recycled fabrics and cotton which is GOTS & EKOTEX certified. With the cotton items they strive to use 100% cotton in order to minimize the amount of plastic (polyester) used. 

Supply Chain

SÅR drives sustainability to the max throughout the entire supply chain. No plastic is used in the packaging, only FSC certified cardboard boxes. This means that they consist partially of recycled cardboard. Additionally, SÅR only offers CO2 neutral shipping. SÅR calculates the distance the package travels, the weight of the package, the transport vehicle, and this way we can calculate the carbon emissions the package is responsible for. These emissions are then compensated for by donating to the Jari Para Forest Conservation Project who preserve the Brazilian amazon forest, which is crucial in the storage and take-in of the CO2 the world exhausts. On top of this, SÅR delivers all orders within the city of Groningen themselves by bike!


Locality is an important element of SÅR’s production process. As explained, SÅR
purposely uses Turkish fabrics in order to minimize the carbon offset of the transportation. Moreover, SÅR produces the items locally in a small workshop in the city of Groningen with workers who have a migration-background (Syria, Sri Lanka and
more). This way, these workers who have tons of experience in clothing
manufacturing get a fair wage and good working conditions and, more importantly,
they can do the thing they are passionate about: make awesome apparel.


SÅR’s apparel is produced by workers with a refugee background. By doing this, SÅR supports these workers who often don’t speak Dutch and have to adapt to an entirely new living environment.  Because SÅR produces locally they are also able to visit and ensure proper conditions. The GOTS certificate of our cotton fabrics also looks after the wages and working conditions of the people who produce the fabric in Turkey.


SÅR Apparel only recently launched their first collection. First, but immediately popular, selling out 85% within one week. They are here to lead the fashion industry into a more sustainable tomorrow and will not quit before they reach that goal!