Comfortable underwear that never gets worn out

Underdog Sustainable Fashion Brand on PLATFRM
Underdog underwear on PLATFRM


Underdog started with the idea to make life as easy as possible for every man. No more worries about buying sustainable underwear, Underdog simply delivers a new one to your house every month (or every other month if you please). Because of all the loving feedback from customers, they decided to now also sell single pieces of sustainable underwear on PLATFRM.

The best part of it all, every piece of underwear is created with its afterlife in mind. To really make the fashion industry more sustainable it is best to recycle old garments, something which is often very difficult. But not with Underdog underwear, Underdog uses 100% high quality cotton (some of it already recycled!) to assure it can be recycled after usage! Very soon you can simply return your underwear to Underdog and they will make a new piece from it! 

Always a fresh pair of underwear while not using any new material, that is a win-win situation for both you and the planet! Want to find out more why Underdog is on PLATFRM? Click the icons!

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Underdog knows and shows where and how its underwear is made (check the other icons to find out!)


Underdog creates all its pieces ready to be recycled, using 100% cotton (partly recycled as well) which can easily be turned into a new piece after the user is done with it!

Supply Chain

Underdog uses no unnecessary packaging for the shipment of their underwear, only a recyclable bag. The product is also shipped directly from the factory to the customer to reduce the transport emissions!


Underdog produces all its pieces in a reputable factory in Turkey where they are sure that the working conditions are outstanding (the workers are even picked up and brought home!)


Underdog has the aim to make the textile industry circular, no new materials but reusing existing ones!


Underdog has only just started to offer their underwear subscription but isn’t going to stop until every man wears an underdog!