Gorgeous swimwear made from regenerated nylon

zORYA swimwear on platfrm
zorya swimwear from sustainable materials


ZORYA is a brand founded by famous poledance instructor and performer Tjasa Skubic. As a real insider in the industry she knew that a real sustainable option was still missing, so she decided to create one herself. Not much later Tjasa discovered the poledance wear was also perfect to swim in and ZORYA suddenly also became an option for the sustainable swimwear enthusiast. 

What is so sustainable about ZORYA? To start with the material, a full 100% ECONYL regenerated nylon. This is nylon made entirely from ocean and landfill waste thereby both cleaning up trash while ensuring that no more ‘trash’ is created. 

What else? Well, ZORYA only uses recycled bags to wrap their boxes in and also keeps a sharp eye on the salaries and working conditions of their workers. Literally, because the factory is just two streets away from Tjasa’s office and therefore easily reachable. Want to know more? Just click the icons!

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PLATFRM's principles: 6/8


ZORYA’s owners personally know everyone involved in their production process and are therefore able to be very transparent about the getting together of all their products!


ZORYA creates all their pieces from ECONYL regenerated nylon. This nylon is made entirely of ocean or landfill waste.

Supply Chain

ZORYA packs their products in paper boxes which are then wrapped in recycled bags.


ZORYA’s owners personally know everyone involved in their production process and assure that all these people get paid a fair wage!


ZORYA is probably one of the most local brands that you will find here on PLATFRM, having the manufacturers of their products only a three minute walk away in Ljubljana, Slovenia


ZORYA is an ambitious brand started by three young people from Slovenia, trying to change the sports- and swimwear industry from the inside!