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ZWAAN is a one-women, made-to-order brand, with a few ONE OF A KIND exceptions. All of the items are made by hand by Lara Zwaan in her little atelier in Zeeland, The Netherlands. So any purchase from ZWAAN directly supports Lara to keep doing what she does best, create ecological fashion. 

ZWAAN wants to decrease the footprint of fashion by giving you a simple conscious and ethical choice within the fashion segment. ZWAAN wants to be an easy, go-to sustainable option for local and European customers.

At ZWAAN you’ll find all-time classics with a twist, made with sustainable material in an ethical and very local way. ZWAAN hopes to spread some positivity and is all about doing their bit without pointing a finger. Zwaan is a brand that always tries to work on solutions within their own range of possibilities. Want to find out more? Click the icons!

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ZWAAN is as transparent as one can be, regularly sharing footage on Instagram of all the steps taken to hand-produce the items. Besides, detailed description of all products can be found on her page. 


ZWAAN only uses sustainable materials as they are either GOTS certified, deadstock/reused fabrics or made by LENZING (so Tencel or Ecovero, which are very sustainable fabrics since they are made in an almost ‘close-loop’ process). 

Supply Chain

ZWAAN adapts the packaging to the product, using hand-sewn envelopes made from recycled paper for the smallest packages, recycled cardboard boxes for the light packages and reused boxes for the heaviest items (e.g. jacket).


Zwaan is as local as it will get, producing all the items by hand in her atelier


Zwaan has a yearly event where she auctions items on Instagram, donating the profit to charity. Last year the money went to the Plastic Soup Foundation.


ZWAAN was started in 2018 and is still steadily learning, adapting and growing each day