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Sustainable skirts

Welcome to our sustainable skirt page! For women, or for anyone that feels comfortable in a skirt! When browsing on this page we believe that you should know some things, especially if you are new to PLATFRM. Or new to sustainable fashion. Because that is what we specialize in, sustainability in the clothing industry. We have made it our mission to make sustainable fashion the new norm and for that reason we have gathered all amazing sustainable fashion brands on one website. Because that is how we can convert fast fashion lovers into sustainable fashion lovers, making it as convenient for them to purchase sustainable and making it also style-wise the best option. Now you are looking at sustainable skirts but you might guess it, we also have a wide variety of other items here on PLATFRM. Take your time, browse around and know that we are always here to help you if you have any questions.

Mini skirts and long skirts

Zooming in on the sustainable skirts here on PLATFRM you will see that they are widely differing. Some skirts are mini while we also offer long skirts. And that is the beauty of PLATFRM, of showcasing items of different brands, of selling different sustainable skirt styles. Each person is different and we want to offer something sustainable for everyone. But because we also don’t want to bore you with clothes that are not your style, we give you easy filtering options. Let’s quickly zoom in on another aspect of our sustainable skirts, their sustainability. We are sure that they are because we assess each brand on PLATFRM by our 8 PLATFRM Principles. Only those skirt brands that adhere to at least 4 out of 8 principles are allowed to showcase and sell their items on our platform, that is how we can guarantee to both you and ourselves that we are truly helping this world forward with each and every sale. And you are helping us forward of course!

Sustainable skirt brands on PLATFRM

We offer items from numerous brands on PLATFRM, but not all brands create and produce skirts quite like these two we are about to highlight right now. The first brand we have to shower with some extra attention is ZWAAN. This one-woman show creates enough pieces to fill a whole wardrobe, under which these wonderful sustainable skirts. All produced by hand in the founder’s little atelier in Zeeland. And produced with the highest quality of sustainable materials, of course! Click the specific skirt you are interested in to find out more! Another brand that deserves the spotlight is NUOO, just look at their beautiful long skirt! Produced by local artisans in Spain with some of the finest materials! Check out their brand pages to find out more information. Or ask us anything that is on your mind!