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Sustainable pyjamas for men

Every man needs a pyjama, even those men sleeping without sleepwear need some kind of cover for their nightly toilet trips. And luckily we showcase and sell the perfect sustainable pyjamas for each and every man. That they are sustainable is a given, because we test all the sleepwear brands (and all other brands) according to our 8 PLATFRM principles. This is a framework we developed especially to give a look into our kitchen, when do we decide that a brand is sustainable? When do we take a brand onboard and decide that this brand is worth showering with attention? Take a look on that page or simply scroll through our amazing collection of sustainable pyjamas for men on PLATFRM. Up to you!

Girls and womens pjs

Payamas for women and girls might differ slightly, but all should be looking good. And be comfy, maybe that should have come first as it is undoubtedly also incredibly important. But the looks also matter, let’s call it a tie, looks and comfort are both important. And luckily we have found just those pjs that combine both categories, excelling in both style and comfort.

Sustainable sleepwear brands on PLATFRM

Many brands are selling their items on PLATFRM, but not all of these amazing brands sell sustainable sleepwear. And those brands deserve some extra attention, so let’s give that to them. Le Nap, an Amsterdam-based brand selling fancy and elegant sleepwear for women. Sleepwear that can also be worn for a Sunday morning brunch or a Saturday night bottle of wine. This is the payama that can do it all. And it is super comfortable, also not unimportant if you have to sleep in it all night. Check them out above and don’t forget to ask us any question that might pop up!