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Women's swimwear on PLATFRM

Longing for taking your newest bathing suit to the beach or pool? Long no longer, find the perfect sustainable swimwear option right here on PLATFRM. If you believe that no one and nothing (including our planet) should be harmed to produce a bikini then you are in the right spot, we test all brands for their ‘sustainability’ and only showcase and sell those that pass our test. Our test consists of 8 simple principles, the PLATFRM principles, which assess a brand on several aspects. What kind of material do they use, what kind of transportation method, do they look after their employees and do they give back to the community are just some of the questions that we want to have answered before we accept a brand. Many brands fail, but the ones that do pass are shown above. Well only those brands selling sustainable swimwear, to find the other brands you should go to our brand overview page!

Sustainable bathing suit or sustainable bikini

Or both? No matter what you prefer, we on PLATFRM have you covered. Literally (pun intended). From bathing suits to one-piece swimsuits and from bikinis to swimshorts, as long as it is sustainable and with style we will sell it. Yes, you read that right, next to having sustainability as one of our core values style is another one. We believe that it is impossible to make sustainable fashion the new norm if it keeps the stigma of being ugly and boring. We need to make it cool, fresh, trendy for women to buy it. Everyone (including us) simply loves a bathing suit or bikini more when it looks good, that is what will pull us over the line and have us buy sustainable swimwear. Luckily for you, we have collected just those items for you here on PLATFRM. And if you have any question, concern or whatsoever then you can simply contact our support team, also gives them something to do! Enjoy shopping the swimwear!

Sustainable swimwear brands

We carefully selected brands that sell beautiful beachwear and produce that kind of beachwear in the most sustainable matter. One of the brands, Atelier Jungles, even gives you two sustainable bikini options for one, making your purchase even more sustainable. How? You can simply turn the bikini inside out and there will be a completely different color or pattern. Another one of our swimwear brands, ZORYA, creates amazing bathing suits from old fishnets and other trash that was once floating in the ocean. So you can help them clean up the ocean by buying a flawless sustainable bathing suit to lay by the ocean.