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Women's sustainable tops

Tops, we cannot stop talking about them, they are the cornerstone of every great outfit. Let’s face it, what is the first thing you look at when you see someone? Not their pants, no the top of course. Our eyes are simply looking straight (not down) and that is where we will be met by someone’s (hopefully) sustainable top. As the top is so important to all women we believe it is also super important to offer enough sustainable options. We want to make sustainable fashion the new normal and try to get this done by showing every woman that tops can be both beautiful and sustainable at the same time. Not convinced quite yet, well just check above and you soon will be! And clearly, we are not stopping at convincing each woman to wear a sustainable top, we want to do the same thing for each other pair of clothing that you have in your wardrobe. Step for step we can make this world a bit better, are you with us?

Sexy top for all ladies

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the sustainable top is also potentially one of the sexiest clothing items, showing some more skin than several other clothing items. And it should be, us women should feel good showing some skin, walking around confidentially with our sexy top. No matter your size, the state or color of your skin, you are worth looking at and are therefore also worth wearing a sexy sustainable top! We believe that part of sustainable fashion is its potential to change the fashion industry in a rather positive way, thereby also fighting the wrongs in the fashion industry. False ideal pictures of the perfect feminine body are one of these wrongs, there is no perfect body and there should be no such thing as only having small size women in the magazines. The sexy tops for women on PLATFRM are for every woman because sustainability is much more than just wearing the right size. And if you feel like some brand, or top for a specific body type is missing then please check in with us!

Sustainable top brands on PLATFRM

Let’s take a closer look at some of the sustainable brands here on PLATFRM that create and sell these awesome sustainable tops. ZWAAN creates amazing tops by hand in a small little atelier in Zeeland, The Netherlands. This one-woman brand is incredible already for the fact that the founder & owner does literally everything herself, from the design to the production and from the branding to the social media! And she is doing it well, just take a look at her amazing sustainable tops above! NUOO is a Spanish brand that creates equally stunning tops but their production is in the hands of local craftsmen thereby ensuring that these can keep on working in the field where their passion is. Haven’t had enough information, you can go to any brands’ specific page by clicking on the brand name underneath the picture. And if you really even want to know more, then you should just message us!