The best upcoming sustainable fashion brands

Meet the next generation of fashion. Meet the brands to watch. Meet the ex-PLATFRM brands. 

The next generation brands

Conscious fashion with a timeless character for you to wear today and in numerous years

Streetwear with unique REZAREEZ embroideries, made under fair working conditions in Indonesia

Unique woolen jackets and linen dresses made from vintage blankets sourced in The Netherlands

Nature-inspired jewellery made from sustainably sourced recycling silver by artisians in Thailand

Shoes with a real positive footprint, for each pair sold a tonne of CO2 is offset by the UK-brand

A brand that tries to fight the negative effects of recreational drug use, leading troubled youngsters to better career options

Streetwear that is made of the highest quality sustainable garments, produced in a family-owned atelier in Russia

An amazing sleepwear brand from Amsterdam using the softest sustainable materials to make you feel comfy

An underwear brand that donates another pair of underwear to someone in Tanzania for each pair sold

Shoes made out of cork, a truly sustainable and vegan option to animal leather

The brands to watch


Atelier Jungles: “Handmade slow fashion in their atelier in The Hague, only from the best materials”

kulson: “Sustainable sneakers made from recycled plastic and contributing to cleaning the ocean from plastic”

HOT&TOT: “Awesome sustainable wooden watches for the special and casual occasion”

platfrm brand hot&tot
platfrm brand zorya

ZORYA: “Sustainable swim- and activewear made from regenerated nylon”

Bhoomi: “Beautifully elegant items produced by hand in small workshops all over India”

brand devi on platfrm

Devï: “Vintage sarees turned into beautiful up-cycled clothes by the Saheli women project”