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Arber Studio

Arber Studio is a Dutch brand creating conscious fashion with a timeless character, suitable for the everyday look and every season. You will understand what we are saying when you check out all Arber’s premium sustainable basics below, made out of the best high-quality materials of course! 

To Arber Studio, sustainability is an integral part of creating beautiful, lasting products, as beauty cannot exist in producing things that damage our planet. We take a bow, preaching to that exact line! Arber was founded in 2020 with the idea that it is our responsibility to create, design and distribute with respect for the world we live in.

In other words, resist mass consumption and overproduction and support buying less and better. Because it really is better for this world to buy one high-quality piece that lasts for years than a cheap low-quality piece every so many months. Actually, it is also better for your wallet, we will let you do the math! Want to find out what else makes Arber Studio sustainable? Click the icons?

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Arber & Sustainability

PLATFRM's principles: 6/8


Arber Studio is fully transparent about where their products come from, how they are produced and anything else. Check the other icons and contact us (or them) for any further questions!


Arber Studio only uses highly sustainable materials like Tencel, Viscose or merino wool with a mulesing free certificate.

Supply Chain

Arber Studio uses poly bags from recycled plastic and carton boxes with the FSC certificate. This certificate shows that the box has been made from sustainable and responsible forestry.


Arber Studio produces partly in collaboration with the Shirtbyhand company in Hanoi, Vietnam. They are known to take very good care of their employees and actually started to facilitate yearly breast exams in 2017 in a special program partly set up by Arber.


Arber Studio works together with several factories, but knows through visiting these factories that the working conditions are as good as the certificates tell them to be. In their own shared factory in Hanoi, Vietnam they pay 20% above minimum wage!


Arber is a sincere and straightforward sustainable brand founded in 2020 that offers premium, long lasting basics beyond trends or seasons.