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elliott is the first shoe brand in the world with a positive footprint. For every pair of sneakers elliott sells they offset a ton of CO2 more than they emit in the process. Now we hear you wonder, how much really is a ton of CO2? Well, you could fly from anywhere in Europe to New York, then fly back and approximately emit this same ton of CO2. 

Start feeling better when flying, wear your elliot vegan sneakers. Because next to offsetting CO2, elliott does more. All the materials they use are PETA-approved (vegan) and they produce in a factory in Spain where they can send regular audits and reports to ensure fair working conditions.

And then we haven’t even discussed the looks of the vegan sneakers yet. The London-based brand actually started off in Copenhagen which explains the minimalistic design and their perfect suitability to be your ready-to-wear everyday shoe. Want to know more? Click the icons!

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elliott & Sustainability

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elliott produces all their items using PETA approved materials (vegan), from recycled canvas to vegan suede or leather.

Supply Chain

elliott assures that every pair of shoes sold offsets a tonne of CO2 emissions more than is emitted during the whole process of production or delivery. This makes them the first worldwide shoe brand with a positive footprint.


elliott shoes are made in Spain, they hire independent bodies to carry out audits and reports to ensure fair working conditions.


elliott’s approach is to incorporate initiatives that reduce waste and reverse the rising air pollution ever since day one of their journey in 2018.


elliott was only founded in 2018 and is making a bigger positive impact every day.