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Gaia & Terra

Gaia & Terra is a demi-fine jewelry brand that explores different forms in nature and transforms them into wearable art. But Gaia & Terra does more, next to only using recycled sustainable silver they also just launched their own RELOVE program. RELOVE is a recycling scheme that gives customers the option to recycle their pre-loved sterling silver jewelry in exchange for store credit. The end goal, a fully circular system where Gaia & Terra only uses silver sourced from their customers to create new beautiful designs. 

Gaia & Terra is dedicated to thoughtful sourcing, supporting local heritage and traditional craftsmanship, whilst ensuring fair wages and a kind working environment. Collaborating with independent artisans in Thailand and a family-run workshop in India, all production is small scale and expertly handcrafted with respect for the material.

Founder Lalita’s unique and striking designs work as a conversation starter – this interaction with nature at the heart of the jewellery is something that she seeks in her creations. Want to know more about Gaia & Terra? Click the icons and find out everything you want to know!

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Gaia & Terra & Sustainability

PLATFRM's principles: 5/8


Gaia & Terra wants to be completely open about the how and where and what of their products and way of doing business. 


Gaia & Terra only uses recycled sterling silver for the creation of its jewellery. Next to that they also just launched RELOVE, a recycling scheme which gives customers the option to exchange their jewellery for store credit.

Supply Chain

Gaia & Terra uses a jewellery box that is biodegradable and recyclable, made from paper and recycled cork in Portugal. The protective packaging materials are also fully recyclable and biodegradable.


Gaia & Terra collaborates with independent artists from Thailand and a family-run workshop in India, all production is small scale and proper working conditions and decent wages can be guaranteed.


Gaia & Terra is a young brand ready to make and leave a positive impact through the production of sustainable jewellery in collaboration with small scale family-run businesses.