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HEDONE is a sustainable streetwear brand unlike many others, differentiating itself by addressing a massive societal issue: Recreational drug use.  

Its aim is two-sided, they want to show the negative impact of recreational drug use to consumers while offering struggling talent a chance at income and success. Some youngsters in The Netherlands see little other option than the drug game, but HEDONE wants to show them that they can also become producers, designers or entrepreneurs.

HEDONE doesn’t just stand for a powerful message, but for the community as well. All of their products are made in a responsible and durable manner in factories that abide by the Fair Wear Foundation. By making responsible choices regarding resources, production and all other processes, HEDONE tries to limit its ecological footprint. We guess you want to know more? Click the icons!

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HEDONE & Sustainability

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HEDONE only uses sustainable or recycled fabrics for the production of their clothes. 


HEDONE wants to have a positive societal impact and therefore assures that all people involved in their production process get fair and honest compensation for their work.


HEDONE collaborates with organizations that offer talent development programs to youngsters, either giving workshops or sometimes even the possibility to work on a whole collection with them! 


HEDONE wants to raise awareness about the negative consequences of recreational drug use amongst recreational drug users that want to live in a sustainable and conscious way.


HEDONE originated in 2019 and only took its first few steps. It’s goal is to grow the brand as well as the positive impact in the years to come