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Irina Gusakova

IRINA GUSAKOVA feels particularly strong about the importance of humanizing the value chain in fashion, showing that it’s not a machine but humans behind every stage of making a garment. They want to emphasize the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into building the collections, from ideation to finished product.

IRINA GUSAKOVA’s own production is set up in a small atelier in Russia, with whom they have been working with from the start. Having strong ties with the family-owned production atelier producing all collections, allows them to have direct and easy communication with the makers and to have better control over the quality. It is also just a great way of supporting the local craftsman that IRINA GUSASKOVA has been working with from the start. 

Starting from the current ‘Magic Mountain’ collection IRINA GUSAKOVA is switching to fully renewable and recycled fabrics and trimmings, such as recycled polyester, biodegradable nylon and organic cotton. IRINA GUSAKOVA also works with smaller Italian mills that provide safe working conditions and pay living wages to their employees. They are also able to provide more transparency about their production facilities, and most of them are now switching to renewable sources of energy such as hydro and solar electricity in their production facilities. Want to know more? Just click the icons!

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IRINA GUSAKOVA & Sustainability

PLATFRM's principles: 6/8


IRINA GUSAKOVA is honest with its customers about the production. They share information about the materials and where they are sourced.  They also break down the production process and exact composition and properties of the fabrics used.


IRINA GUSAKOVA uses fabrics such as bio-based nylon which is made from naturally derived castor and vegetable oil and recycled polyester and cotton mix made from post-consumer PET bottles and recycled cotton.


IRINA GUSAKOVA wants to create a community with the local art scene and co-create collection and art pieces that will spark a dialogue about the themes rooted in contemporary society that are important for the brand (such as over-surveillance, censorship, mental health and environment, among others)


IRINA GUSAKOVA works closely together with a family-owned atelier in Russia where its founder is from. By regularly visiting the atelier and having a close relationship with the makers, they can continue to support local craftsmen there by paying them living wages and ensuring safe working conditions.


IRINA GUSAKOVA is committed to elevate the superficial expression that is predominantly associated with fashion and to create impactful dialogue on socially and environmentally-charged themes that are important to the brand through the utilitarian garment collections and collaboration art pieces.


IRINA GUSAKOVA was founded in 2019 and, and just launched a collaboration with an upcoming artist who they worked with on creating custom-made prints for transformable garments made from sustainable and performance-driven materials.