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Le Nap

Le Nap takes sleepwear to the next level by mixing playful design with boundless comfort. Le Nap’s founders Roosmarijn en Myrthe created the sleepwear they were always searching for but could never find. Mixing bold, unique designs, with endless comfort. Always keeping sustainability in mind as their core principle. Fashion-conscious, with a conscience.

The founders engaged on a long journey looking for the most sustainable, gorgeous fabrics the planet has to offer, talking to women about their real desires for a piece of sleepwear. Not long after Le Nap got born, and the ideal playful, yet elegant sustainable sleepwear got created.

The sustainable sleep- and loungewear is created out of Tencel lyocell and the items are shipped without the use of any plastic. And our favorite part of Le Nap, they donated part of their sales last year to an organization called Sheltersuit. This NGO upcycles old fabrics into all-weather sleeping bags for the homeless, how amazing! Do you want to know more about Le Nap and their sustainable sleepwear? You can, just click the icons!

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Le Nap & Sustainability

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Le Nap is a full 100% transparent about where the products are produced and about how the products are produced!


Le Nap creates their items from 100% Tencel Lyocell, which doesn’t only look great, feels great but also is great for the environment.

Supply Chain

Le Nap uses recycled cardboard boxes for the shipment of their products, never any plastic. The plastic poly bags that are used by the factory to ship to Le Nap get recycled by the warehouse.


Le Nap donated, and will probably donate more, part of their sales to Sheltersuit, a foundation that upcycles fabrics into sleeping bags for the homeless.


Le Nap only works with factories that ensure safe working conditions and pay fair wages to their workers.


Le Nap says: “This is just the beginning! We can’t wait to expand our current selection of sustainable sleep- and loungewear!”