Colourful woolen winter coats and linen summer dresses​

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Masha Maria

Masha Maria was born in Amsterdam in 2017, put on this earth by its founder Olga. She comes from a graphic design background which explains why the colours of the upcycled wintercoats and sweaters are so vivid and the shapes so well defined

Have you ever been laying in bed, not wanting to go up because it was too cold? No more need for that because all Masha Maria’s products are upcycled warm wool blankets. You can literally take the blanket outside with you. And look trendy while doing it! 

Every piece is produced locally in Amsteram and by hand with the uttermost care so it can stay with you for long. Olga’s goal is to make pieces that embrace the power of self-expression, to make people stand out for the right reasons! Want to know more? Click the icons!

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Masha Maria & Sustainability

PLATFRM's principles: 6/8


Masha Maria is entirely open about how the products come together, using vintage blankets and buttons sourced in The Netherlands for the items that are finally put together in Zaandam.


Masha Maria winter coats are made from vintage woolen blankets, the leftovers of the coat production are used to produce scarves.

Supply Chain

Masha Maria uses recycled cardboard boxes for the shipment of their items and recycled rice paper to wrap these items. Also, no plastic or label tags are shipped along with the product!


Masha Maria produces all her items at a tailor in Zaandam. All materials are found by Olga herself all around The Netherlands.


Masha Maria assures that all tailors in Zaandam get paid a liveable wage and make working days no longer than 8 hours.


Masha Maria was born only three years ago and is taking its first steps towards adulthood.