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Moja is not just a sustainable underwear brand, it’s an impact start-up with a mission: making good hygiene a reality for everyone. Decent hygiene is something so normal for us, but so rare in other parts of the world. On a trip to Tanzania, the founders of Moja became aware of the challenges that many children face in even accessing basic hygiene products such as underwear and sanitary pads. 

After realizing this, but also considering the importance of activating local resources to create change, they started Moja. The sustainable underwear brand harnesses consumer power to increase access to hygiene in Tanzania (to start with).

That is, for every pair of underwear sold, a pair of underwear or a reusable sanitary pad is made in Tanzania and distributed locally alongside health and hygiene workshops. This creates much needed training and jobs, broadens education and improves access to hygiene products acress. Adn there is much more good that Moja does, if you want to know all about it just click on the icons and read away! 

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Moja & Sustainability

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Moja is radically transparent and believes that this is crucial for ethical and meaningful practices. Click the rest of the icons to read more about what Moja is up to.


Moja underwear is OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning no harmful chemicals have been used in the process. The underwear is 95% cotton and 5% elastane, making it soft, breathable and holding its shape. They are hoping to transition to organic cotton in their next production.

Supply Chain

Moja uses sustainable FSC certified packaging without any plastic. In addition, a large part of the production chain is carried out by one factory in Portugal reducing the total emissions emitted from transporting the materials back and forth.


Moja works towards strengthening local communities in Tanzania by providing training and jobs to people with a distance to the labour force. They also increase access to hygiene products and provide education and workshops on health and hygiene.


Moja cares about people, their decision to choose the factory in Portugal was largely based on compliance with very good labour laws in the EU.


Moja is here with the mission to make good hygiene a reality for everyone, ensuring one pair of underwear or one reusable sanitary pad is made and distributed in Tanzania for every pair sold here.


Moja launched in 2020 and has big plans for the coming years – all with our mission of making good hygiene a reality for everyone in mind. We’re just getting started!