High quality vegan sneakers handcrafted in Portugal

QURC vegan sneakers on PLATFRM


QURC creates all their shoes from cork, a vegan and environmentally friendly alternative to animal leather. Cork is acquired through harvesting the cork oak in Portugal. Harvesting doesn’t harm the tree at all, the cork bark simply regrows after. In fact, harvested cork trees absorb 3-5 times more CO2 than non-harvested trees. 

The actual production of the shoes takes place within the same country borders in a family-owned factory. QURC partnered up especially with this factory for three reasons, their high standard of ethics, the fair salaries of the employees and the extreme skill these employees possess. Every QURC shoe is made by hand so this is of enormous importance. 

And maybe even more important, the vegan shoes also just got an amazing look to it. No matter where  you are heading, your QURC’s will carry you! And no matter how you are feeling, QURC will make you feel good! Want to find out more? Click the icons!

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QURC & Sustainability

PLATFRM's principles: 6/8


QURC is open about each step in their process, from how their cork is harvested to how their shoe is produced and finally shipped to you!


QURC makes all its shoes from cork. This is a vegan and environmentally friendly leather alternative to the so well-known and equally cruel animal kind.

Supply Chain

QURC is a brand breathing sustainability and therefore clearly doesn’t allow itself to use any plastic to pack their products for shipment.


QURC partnered up with a small family-owned factory in Portugal for the production of their shoes. They maintain an extremely high standard of ethics and pay their employees fairly.


QURC wants to show the world that it can be done to make a fashionable shoe without using animal leather. Let’s hope more follow in their footsteps soon! 


QURC officially launched in 2019 and is here to at least outlast the lifetime of their newest line of shoes. And cork shoes last long, very long!