Sustainable streetwear with a timeless design

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REZAREEZ is a young brand run entirely by one man: Reza, a youngster living in Amsterdam that is originally from Indonesia. Reza had made it his goal to create timeless pieces that can be worn today and in ten years, slow fashion at its finest! 

All of REZAREEZ sustainable streetwear is produced in a factory that Reza has visited many times and where he is sure that working conditions are good and workers are paid well. By having the production in his country of origin Reza hopes to help his fellow Indonesians a little through providing jobs. 

REZAREEZ does not want to market itself as sustainable, a term often used by similar brands for the sake of selling more items, because it admits not to be perfectly sustainable. Simultaneously, there are many good things going on at REZAREEZ, shipping their products with plastic-free bags and tags to give an example. Want to find out more? Click the icons!

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REZAREEZ & Sustainability

PLATFRM's principles: 4/8


REZAREEZ is open about its practices, thereby also showing that not all of its practices are 100% sustainable. REZAREEZ believes it is better to be straight about your brand and products than to lie.

Supply Chain

REZAREEZ uses paper bags and tags instead of their plastic counterparts for the shipment of their items. Consumers often trash the bag and tag immediately, so there is no need to use long lasting materials.


REZAREEZ’s founder visited the factory in Indonesia regularly and knows that the workers experience proper conditions and receive fair wages.


REZAREEZ was founded in 2018 and is still ‘growing and learning along the way. Also, new clothes dropping in 2021!