Good News: 2 Awesome start-ups that do World Cleanup Day every day!


We are back with some positivity! Good news, yes, good news! As usual we will provide you with your weekly dose of positivity, right here on PLATFRM. Because there are also oh so many things going right in this world and they also deserve some attention!

The 3rd saturday of september or as most probably know it: World Cleanup Day! Last saturday 50 million volunteers in 180 countries left their houses to pick up an astonishing 280.000 tonnes of trash! If these numbers warm your heart then you should definitely read about these 2 awesome startups that work hard everyday to pick up trash! 

To start with arguably the most famous trash startup of our time: The Ocean Cleanup founded by Dutch youngster Boyan Slat. His startup developed a floating device to collect all the plastic that is floating around on the world’s seas. Back in 2018 the first prototype was tested in one of the world’s largest trash hot spots, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and after a couple of understandable setbacks the plastic is now being recycled into new products. These are then being sold to create funds to invest in more floating devices and to upscale the whole operation! 

The Great Bubble Barrier has the same purpose in mind, cleaning all the trash that is floating around in the ocean, but they have a very different approach. A so-called bubble screen pushes waste to the surface where it can then be easily removed. The installation catches micro-plastics as small as 0.02 mm while leaving fish unbothered. The concept is now being tested in the canals of Amsterdam and hopefully rolled out on a much larger scale quickly! 

Clearly, step 1 is to not let trash wind up in the ocean but even if we completely succeed we still have to think about how to clean up all the existing trash. These two awesome initiatives show us that there is hope at the horizon. A clean horizon!


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