Good News: Direct climate crisis solution gone live in Iceland!


We are back with some positivity! Good news, yes, good news! As usual we will provide you with your weekly dose of positivity, right here on PLATFRM. Because there are also oh so many things going right in this world and they also deserve some attention!

The world’s largest factory that will permanently remove carbon from the air has just gone live in Iceland! As we still fail to reduce our carbon emissions, drawing it from the air is a very necessary and direct solution to the climate crises. And the best part, the technology can be easily reproduced and rolled out all over the world!

So how does it work? Using huge fans the Icelandic factory sucks in CO2, then separating the carbon from the oxygen and mixing it with water. The last step is to take it deep underground into basalt rock formations where the carbon mineralizes. Because of this awesome method the carbon then won’t emerge again for hundreds of millions of years! 

Clearly, the factory uses energy for this process, but because the factory is built in the geothermal park in Hellisheidi it can simply use the surplus renewable energy coming from the park. And when there is no surplus energy, if the whole of Iceland is heating up their jacuzzi for example, then the fans can be easily turned off. 

All in all, one single factory should be able to pull 4.000 tonnes of CO2 from the air on a yearly basis. A lot, but clearly not enough to overcome the whole climate crisis on its own and that is why it is so important that governments step up now and provide the company with the necessary funding to build such factories along every renewable energy source! A great first step is made in Iceland, now let other governments follow! 


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