Good News: Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo opens ‘Chat Checkouts’ to combat loneliness.


We are back with some positivity! Good news, yes, good news! As usual we will provide you with your weekly dose of positivity, right here on PLATFRM. Because there are also oh so many things going right in this world and they also deserve some attention!

What type are you at the supermarket checkout, the type to barely exchange a word with the cashier or the type to start a little small talk? Some go to the supermarket to have their only daily human interaction, but tend to face cashiers that cannot talk with them because of their work pressure. But no longer, Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo announced to open about 200 ‘Chat Checkouts’ in their supermarkets! 

A Chat Checkout, what exactly is that? Well, quite simply it is a checkout for those that are not in a rush, that value a small conversation and need some real human interaction. Loneliness is a huge problem in modern day society, something that is only amplified by Covid-19 and the shift from physical to virtual. Young people are best able to adapt to these changes, growing up with a world filled with technology, but for most elderly the changes are happening to fast. Jumbo’s Chat Checkouts take them a little back in the past, when having a personal connection with the store-owners or employees would be the rule rather than the exception. A real interaction can do much against loneliness, giving people an increased feeling of self-worth. 

Let’s hope Jumbo’s great example is being followed by other supermarket chains in both The Netherlands and the whole of Europe. Efficiency is one thing, but there is more to life than sitting behind a screen and talking to people through a phone. Real life is outside, real stories are within the people you meet and true experiences are gained outside of your front door. Thus, for everyone getting a warm feeling of Jumbo’s initiative, follow suit! Go outside, talk to a stranger and feel the benefits of human interaction for yourself!


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