Good News: Ralph Lauren develops and shares a more sustainable method to dye cotton.

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We are back with some positivity! Good news, yes, good news! As usual we will provide you with your weekly dose of positivity, right here on PLATFRM. Because there are also oh so many things going right in this world and they also deserve some attention!

Ever wondered how all your shirts can have such nice, but very different colors? Dyeing is the answer and even though all these colors might give you happy feelings, it is actually one of the world’s most polluting practices. But here comes the good news, Ralph Lauren just developed a method using 90% less chemicals, 40% less energy and 50% less water. The best part, they are sharing this new technology with everyone else!

Trillions of liters of water are used every year for the dyeing of fabrics, and because this water is so polluted with chemicals it is a super costly process to actually make the water reusable again. In the worst case, companies don’t find the high costs worth it and simply get rid of the polluted water with understandable detrimental effects for the environment.

But hopefully no longer, thanks to Ralph Lauren and four leading water processing innovators. Just this month, after a long process of research, they released their open-source manual so all other companies in the industry can use the same more sustainable techniques. Without changing their current equipment because the new dying technique called ‘Color on Demand’ works with already existing dyeing equipment! Win!

Ralph Lauren began integrating Color on Demand into its supply chain earlier this year and first launched products utilizing the technique as part of the Company’s Team USA collection for the 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Within three years, the brand aims to use the technique for over 80% of their garments! And they aim to educate other brands on doing the same thing.

Great news, because by opening up all companies in the same industry can actually accelerate the move towards the necessary sustainability. Even if Ralph Lauren is out of a sustainability budget (let’s not hope so) then another brand (Dimepiece LA?)  can easily step in and take this process one step further. We are all in this together in the end!

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