Unisex Longsleeve Black


Made from premium quality leftover fabrics, 100% organic cotton. Loose fit, model wears size S and is 174cm tall.

Brand: e o u i e is a brand that does not like to waste fabrics, producing their items entirely from deadstock and not launching another batch of clothes until the old batch is completely sold out. Yet, they are approaching their fourth launch meaning they have given three piles of deadstock a new life. Principles: 6/8 | Transparency, Material, Supply Chain, Work, Purpose and Upcoming. If you want to know more you can visit e o u i e's brandpage.



Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Land van herkomst


PLATFRM Principles

Transparency, Material, Supply Chain, Work, Purpose, Upcoming


Casual, Unisex

e o u i e

Comfy longsleeves from deadstock organic cotton

eouie and platfrm sustainable longsleeve