Our Story

PLATFRM launched in December 2020 to accomplish a much-needed positive change in the fashion industry. Overconsumption, human exploitation, environmental degradation are just some examples of the negative effects the current fashion industry has. Founder Steef visited Morocco years before and saw these disastrous effects for himself. It was right there that the idea for PLATFRM was born. 

With PLATFRM we try to bring about change. Clearly, we cannot change the whole industry overnight but every day we try to do something small that gets us closer to our final goal: A truly sustainable fashion industry where everyone involved is treated in a fair manner and the planet and its resources are properly taken care of.

To bring about the change we believe is needed we focus on both sides of the coin: The shoppers and the brands. Read below why and how we try to bring about change on both sides. You can also read how we assess the sustainability of each brand and get a glimpse of the faces behind PLATFRM! 


"Most people, surpise surprise, want clothes that look good"

We want to convince shoppers to buy from sustainable brands. And most people, surprise surprise, want clothes that look good. So in order to convince people to buy sustainable fashion we have to show them that it looks good. Sounds simple right?

At PLATFRM we gather only those sustainable brands that produce beautiful items thereby hopefully convincing even non-sustainable shoppers to make the right choice. Most shoppers, sadly, still don’t care enough about sustainability but they will still make the sustainable choice if they see an item they like.

Clearly, we try to educate our shoppers, followers and whoever else of the importance of sustainability. Doing this, we prefer to focus on the good rather than the bad showing the good things our brands are doing for the world rather than the horrible things fast fashion companies do to our planet. 


"Gathering brands that are worthy of some extra attention"

We want to help upcoming sustainable fashion brands to grow. It is hard for many small brands to conquer a spot in the arena, they simply can’t compete with large multinationals and their large budgets. Especially smaller sustainable brands that face even higher production costs saving them even less money to allocate to growth. 

We want to give upcoming sustainable brands a fair shot at success. There are so many amazing brands all over Europe, creating beautiful products and telling beautiful stories, that it would be waste to let them go unnoticed. On PLATFRM we gather those brands that we believe are worthy of some extra attention. And some extra sales, they deserve that as well. 

We want to change the industry as a whole by helping sustainable brands to grow and take a larger portion of the pie. 

PLATFRM Principles

"Find clothing that is in line with your values"

We test the sustainability of our brands according to our  8 PLATFRM principles (click the button to read all about them). This framework gives us and hopefully you a clear understanding of what each brand does to make this world a better place. 

Some brands will be mainly focused on using sustainable material, others will be working hard to fight some wrongdoing in society. And some brands do it all. We want to give you a choice to find those items that best match your values. 

To be as transparent as possible we placed icons of the principles brands adhere to on all brand- and product pages. It is also possible to filter the shop per principle.  You believe one principle is superior over the others? No worries, just find the brands or products that adhere to that principle!

We believe that all brands on PLATFRM deserve to exist because they make this world a tiny bit better, but also understand that everyone has a different opinion on what really is most important. 

The Team

"A bunch of sustainability-minded youngsters"

The moment you have all waited for, our introduction. This is us, a bunch of sustainability-minded youngsters on a mission to change the world! Enough now, want to know something specific about someone specific then you have to write us a message! 

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-07 at 16.52.08
Linn Bank - Co-founder & Head of Sustainability
Sara Rine - Head of Marketing & Expansion

Steef Brandsma - Co-founder & CEO

Lieke Neelemans - Head of Design