Navy Sqaures


Underwear made from 100% premium quality cotton made to be recycled into yet another piece of underwear! The boxer has a wide, relax fit and even sits comfortable under a pair of jeans.


Brand: Underdog wants to make life easy for man, offering a underwear subscription service. Next to that, they want to close the loop by using recycled cotton for the production of their underwear and also producing in such a way that their own pieces can be easily recycled.

Principles: 6/8 | Transparency, Material, Supply Chain, Work, Purpose and Upcoming. Find out more on Underdog’s brandpage. 



Country shipped from

The Netherlands

PLATFRM Principles

Transparency, Material, Supply Chain, Work, Purpose, Upcoming


Casual, Comfy, Dressing Up, Streetstyle, Winterdays


Comfortable underwear that never gets worn out

Underdog underwear on PLATFRM