Vegan sneakers: The next addition to your sustainable wardrobe

vegan sneakers

As purchasing sneakers has become a common habit to enrich our wardrobe, the shift has officially started with keeping sustainability in mind. A trend where more and more existing and upcoming brands start to focus on creating sneakers in a fully vegan way. We would like to learn you something about the industry, its pitfalls and how our partners, each in their own way, manage to create good looking vegan sneakers. Read along!

Presently, sustainability is a trending topic in the fashion industry (finally!). And with the shift towards a more sustainable fashion industry comes the move of vegan sneakers into the spotlight. Because, what many maybe don’t realize, being vegan is more than not eating meat, veganism is a lifestyle. One may associate a diet with one’s consumption of food, a diet in fact extends out to your use of products too. Vegan products are officially labeled as containing no animal ingredients (like the food). So, it doesn’t stop at just ordering your vegan Mc Nuggets and a salad, the next time you pass by for a snack.

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Sneakers don’t seem what they like

Just as meat replacements are getting better every day so are vegan sneakers. You think that you can distinguish a vegan sneaker? I hate to tell you, but you probably can’t. Modern technologies can produce perfect leather-lookalike shoes without the involvement of any animal! I mean, look at the pictures below yourself!

The only real difference is what they are made of, and that can get quite complex. The entire production should be animal-free. Most of the time, this is where things go wrong. Let’s take the glue keeping the sneakers together, very often this is processed out of animal bones thereby making the vegan sneakers non-vegan.

Before you buy, remember!

And there are other reasons why not all vegan shoes are immediately ‘good’. Some leather alternatives are mainly sourced from mined and nonrenewable petrochemicals, making it vegan but super eco unfriendly. Therefore, it is important to double check what your vegan sneakers are made of. Or trust our word for it, we have 2 vegan sneaker brands here on PLATFRM and we have done all that researching for you. More about that later!

Enough negativity, vegan leather is also just an amazing new opportunity we should embrace! Vegan leather is made out of synthetic, ultra-fine microfibers. This results in way more elasticity, making the material 300% lighter and many years more durable than animal leather. And, on top of all that, vegan leather breaths like the Nordic winds which will directly stop your smelly feet!

Our brands:


Vegan sneakers with a climate positive footprint

elliott and platfrm vegan shoes
elliott platfrm shoes and sneakers


elliott is the first shoe brand in the world with a positive footprint. For every pair of sneakers elliott sells they offset a ton of CO2 more than they emit in the process. Now we hear you wonder, how much really is a ton of CO2? Well, you could fly from anywhere in Europe to New York, then fly back and approximately emit this same ton of CO2. 

Start feeling better when flying, wear your elliot vegan sneakers. Because next to offsetting CO2, elliott does more. All the materials they use are PETA-approved (vegan) and they produce in a factory in Spain where they can send regular audits and reports to ensure fair working conditions.

And then we haven’t even discussed the looks of the vegan sneakers yet. The London-based brand actually started off in Copenhagen which explains the minimalistic design and their perfect suitability to be your ready-to-wear everyday shoe. Want to know more? Click the icons!

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High quality vegan sneakers handcrafted in Portugal

Sustainable sneakers on platfrm from QURC
QURC vegan sneakers on PLATFRM


QURC creates all their shoes from cork, a vegan and environmentally friendly alternative to animal leather. Cork is acquired through harvesting the cork oak in Portugal. Harvesting doesn’t harm the tree at all, the cork bark simply regrows after. In fact, harvested cork trees absorb 3-5 times more CO2 than non-harvested trees. 

The actual production of the shoes takes place within the same country borders in a family owned factory. QURC partnered up especially with this factory for three reasons, their high standard of ethics, the fair salaries of the employees and the extreme skill these employees possess. Every QURC shoe is made by hand so this is of enormous importance. 

And maybe even more important, the vegan shoes also just got an amazing look to it. No matter where  you are heading, your QURC’s will carry you! And no matter how you are feeling, QURC will make you feel good! Want to find out more? Click the icons!

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